Joining everyone for climate

Becoming our partner

Our benefits to hotel partners

We strongly value our collaboration with the hospitality industry and focus on developing mutually-beneficial partnerships with our hotel partners.

Through our foundation’s activities, we deliver the following benefits to hoteliers:

  • Direct engagement with impact organizations - Through your one for climate donations, you are making an immediate contribution to climate protection and are directly connected with leading climate impact organizations
  • A voice for the hospitality industry - We connect you with likeminded hoteliers and other tourism and hospitality stakeholders to promote industry-specific exchanges, including on standards and regulations, sustainable operations, and impact case studies
  • Support with your carbon footprint - You can leverage the expert knowledge of our partners, Considerate Group, who can assist you with your hotel’s carbon footprint assessments and improving your sustainable operations for the future
  • Education and marketing support - We provide you with a range of digital marketing materials to be shared with your guests, suppliers, and extended industry partners

Our hospitality industry partnerships

With our own background deeply-rooted in sustainable hospitality, our goal is to collaborate with other like-minded hoteliers, but also to help shape the global industry in which we work. 

This means extending our partnerships to include key industry stakeholders, such as industry regulators, national tourism boards, representative bodies, educational organizations, and hospitality alliances.

We are involved in a number of exciting discussions in this area and look forward to sharing our latest partnerships with you soon.

Partner hotels: Together with our partner hotels, we are committed to climate protection.