Achieveing climate protection

Our impact

Our mission-driven impact

Our activities are centered on achieving mission-driven climate protection through ethical and impactful fundraising.

We have the highest respect for your donations and ensure that all funds go directly to impact organizations that are actively working on climate protection, mitigation, and adaptation programs.

What are the SDGs?

In 2015, the UN published 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) to take targeted action and promote sustainable behaviors for our future.

These SDGs include focused climate and environmental protection, adaptation, and mitigation goals:

  • Protection - Conserving the current-state of the climate and environment
  • Adaptation - Altering behaviors, systems, and ways of life for a more sustainable future
  • Mitigation - Avoiding and reducing negative impacts on the climate and environment, for now and for the future
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Aligning to the SDGs

Of the 17 SDGs, everyone for climate's impact work specifically aligns to the following goals:

  • Goal 13: Climate Action - Initiatives that reduce the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere
  • Goal 14: Life Below Water - Initiatives that promote the sustainable management of global oceans
  • Goal 15: Life On Land - Initiatives that protect, conserve and restore global ecosystems
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals - Actively collaborating with other organizations for the fulfilment of the SDGs

Selecting our portfolio organizations

With our impact management partners LGT Venture Philanthropy, we ensure that our sustainability portfolio is balanced across geographies and impact categories.

Each impact partner has been carefully reviewed and selected according to their climate mission, strong performance history, strategic scalability, and high-level of impact.

We support organizations that protect the climate in its current state, as well as future-looking mitigation and adaptation programs for long-term sustainable impact.


Transparent reporting

Transparency is a core value at everyone for climate.

Our approach to selecting impact organizations is fully transparent, using best-practice standards, tools, and frameworks to inform our funding decisions.

We always clearly communicate which organizations we are working with and how your donations are distributed across the portfolio.

We provide annual impact reporting to all our hotel partners, which can be used in your own marketing communications.


Our current impact partners

We are excited to announce our latest international impact partners - more updates coming soon.

If you would like to become an impact partner of everyone for climate, please reach out to our Foundation Manager for more details.

Plant grows from tree: A little can make a lot: One euro per hotel night can do a lot for the climate.
Constantin von Dalwigk
Constantin von Dalwigk
Foundation Director