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Generating climate donations

Our approach to fundraising is both simple and impactful.

As part of our one for climate model, we partner together with international hotels to collect charitable financial donations, which are then distributed to organizations working specifically on global climate and environmental impact programs.

one for climate

Designed by hoteliers, one for climate works as follows:

  • We invite our hotel partners to add a minimum of €1 per guest’s overnight stay to their hotel room rate.
  • These guest donations are collectively pooled together and distributed across carefully selected impact organizations within our sustainability portfolio.
  • These impact organizations work specifically on global climate protection, mitigation and adaptation programs.
  • To further increase our hotel partner`s positive impact on our climate, they may also decide to match their guests donation.



Our implementation guide

We recommend a 6-step approach for integrating one for climate into your business:

  1. Contract signing - We share our donation partner contract with you, together with all onboarding documents.
  2. Join our community - You are now part of our global network, connecting you to likeminded hoteliers and industry-leading sustainable hospitality professionals.
  3. Donation collection - Add a minimum of €1 per guest’s overnight stay to your hotel room rate as your one for climate charitable donation (also available in $, CHF, £).
  4. Donation transfer - Transfer your pooled one for climate donations to everyone for climate’s donation account.
  5. Create impact - We distribute all donations from our hotel partners across our sustainability portfolio of impact organizations.
  6. Share your story - We provide impact reporting and foundation communications to use in your hotel marketing with guests and partners.

Learn more about our impact and sustainability portfolio here:

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Fundraising potential

Our Climate Euro fundraising activities directly promote cross-sector collaborations between hospitality and sustainable impact stakeholders globally.

This creates an effective and efficient impact model, which operates best at scale. Simply put - the more hotels we partner with, the more donations we can raise for climate protection.

For example, if only 20% of all hotel guests donate €1 per overnight stay, the following donations could be generated each year:

Fundraising potential 2

Support with operational sustainability

Our foundation's focus is on creating global and scalable climate impact.

However, we also strongly encourage our hotel partners to continuously review and improve their operational sustainability. 

With our partners Considerate Group, you can benefit from specialist sustainable hospitality advice. 

Learn more about Considerate Group.

Our partnerships

We are working with a number of industry-leading organizations across sustainability research and consultancy, hospitality, venture philanthropy, and financial services.

LGT Venture Philanthropy performs impact assessments and deploys philanthropic growth capital to organizations with effective, innovative and scalable solutions for climate protection. 


Our foundation specifically works with LGT VP on the due diligence process for selecting impact organizations, as well as our annual impact reporting to hotels.


Learn more about LGT VP.

LGT Venture Philanthropy
LGT Venture Philanthropy
Impact management partner

As a data-driven and B-Corp-certified consultancy for the hotel industry, Considerate Group is the perfect partner for our foundation to help hotels reduce their carbon emissions. 


Considerate supports hotels with on-site climate actions to complement their Climate Euro donations, including support with resource consumption reduction, sustainability ESG/CSR strategies, monitoring & reporting, or alignment with relevant global frameworks and certifications.


Learn more about Considerate Group.

Considerate Group
Considerate Group
Sustainability consulting partner

First Advisory supports everyone for climate in all our legal and financial operations, as well as regulatory compliance in Lichtenstein as a charitable non-profit organization.


Learn more about First Advisory Group.

First Advisory Group
First Advisory Group
Operational partner

Interested in becoming a partner?

Learn more about joining our partnership network, whether as a hotel donor, sustainable hospitality associate, or operational partner:

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